Monday, November 19, 2018

Panther of the Month

This month, the Panthers Of The Month for are all of the students who participated in the Denso Kyogo Japanese student exchange. Thank you to all of the group leaders and buddies for participating in such a wonderful cultural experience. We appreciate your willingness to welcome others into our school and learn about new cultures. A special thank you to Walter Le, Brandon Van, Kevin Ding and Mrs. Krysko for putting the event together. You make us Panther Proud.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Panther of the month

Panther of the Month for September goes to the Girls Field Hockey Team! The team used their amazing skills to WIN their first game of the season 6-0, breaking not one, but two Glenview records! The team has used their amazing skills and admirable team chemistry to blossom into a team to watch out for! This is the best season the Field Hockey team has had in TEN YEARS! CONGRATULATIONS to this season’s goal scorers, Emma Service, Lexi Smith, Regan Harris, Leah Dolson and Ammia Zafar. Keep up the amazing work girls! You make us PANTHER PROUD!

October Horoscope

Panther horoscope
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Aries- born March 21st - April 20th
This month will be a very good month for you socially. You may have a chance to go to a fun event and reconnect with an old friend and make many new ones. Enjoy it Aries.
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Taurus- born April 21st - May 21st
You may start to let your school life and other activities cut in on your family and emotional issues this month Taurus. You need to pay attention to this, try to balance your time out so that you spend equal amounts of time on all of these things. If you need help with this don’t be afraid to ask.
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Gemini- born May 22nd - June 21st
It may be hard to keep your emotions in check this month because of a recent issue that happened that really affected you. Try to be strong Gemini, you’ll get through this.
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Cancer- born June 22nd - July 22nd
This month should prove to be very good for you Cancer. You will become very independent compared to other months and your school work will flourish as a result. Keep up the good work.
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Leo- born July 23rd - Aug 23rd
This month you will be extremely emotionally strong, this means that issues you usually wouldn’t take well have all become little hurdles or are nothing to you. It will become easier for you to tolerate teachers and students that you may not be very fond of because of this.
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Virgo- born Aug 23rd - Sept 22nd
Try focusing on your happiness more than anything else this month Virgo. In recent months you may have been feeling quite down for one reason or another. It’s vital that one is happy,happiness can affect every area in your life in a positive manner if you let it. Don’t give up Virgo, you’ll find it soon.

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Libra born Sept 23rd - Oct 22nd
This month will all about helping others. Recognizing when someone needs help and acting on the urge to help is somewhat of a gift. You will get a great feeling of satisfaction and happiness from helping those who need it this month so make sure to keep the good work!
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Scorpio born Oct 23rd - Nov 21st
It’s great to let others take control every now and then, but this October will be a good time to be independent in nearly everything you do. Don’t let yourself be controlled by others and situations. Is there a specific goal you’re looking to achieve? Now is the time to go for it! Don’t hold back or let others words get to you. Just do it!
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Sagittarius born Nov 22nd - Dec 21st
October this year will be a great month for you as your grades will improve. However better grades means you’ll have to work hard to reach the grades you want. Try not to slack off and work to your fullest potential and your grades this month will flourish.
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Capricorn born Dec 22nd - Jan 22nd
It may be hard to do at first, but try to lower your emotional barrier this month and be more confident that your friends and family are trustworthy. In other words try to be more open with people you care about and they may surprise you by doing the same in return.
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Aquarius born Jan 21st - Feb 19th
You have the ambition and power to change situations you may not be impressed with, remember that as you head into October. You might be presented with a situation that’s not exactly ideal or straight up horrible at some point during the month. Instead of just letting it happen, use everything in your power to change it for the better. The results could be better than you ever imagined.
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Pisces born Feb 20th - March 20th
This month will give you an opportunity to show your adventurous side, don’t let this opportunity slip. Make sure to embrace your curiosity no matter what the world thinks and says.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

GPSS March Horoscopes

You will find yourself being more productive this month. March is the beginning of new beginnings whether you get better at managing your time, eating healthier or focussing on school, March is your month!

You will be a style icon this month. From ripped skinny jeans to super cool sneakers, March is your month to style it up and slay everyday.

Oh boy! this month is looking like a breeze for you. With a week off of school and your grades being amazing you are going to be a rockstar this month!

You will find something new that you love in an unexpected place, keep your head up and eyes open because a surprise is in store for you this month.

March may be a bit of a struggle for you with added stress and pressures, but don't worry because you are a superstar and can get through it with a bit of perseverance and motivation. Remeber that you are amazing and power through it!

although the rainy weather and gloomy days in March may get to you this month, keep your head up and smile through it all and remember each day is a new beginning

This month you will find love, whether it is a person or a new sport /activity, March is a month of happiness and love for you, my friend, so let yourself enjoy this month and have a little fun

As a secretive Scorpio, you may be a bit reluctant to return to school after the March break, but there are many great things in store for you this month and lots of hidden surprises

This a month of friendship for you, so say hi to new people in the halls, give others your attention and smile lots. You never know who you could meet.

This is your chill month Capricorn! relax a little, don't let your self-be stressed and be sure to take care of your self.

You may be letting your fiery personality get to your relationships and friends, but remember that we all have rough days, and not to let them ruin your friendships and be positive this month.

Be Happy this month and let your worries be free. March is your month to rebuild yourself and become the new you, that you have always wanted to be.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Another Step Towards DECA Domination for Glenview

Put on your blazers and lace up your dress shoes because it’s that time of year again - DECA Provincials. The DECA chapter this year travelled to Toronto with the promotional mix in their heads and ICDC in their hearts. The whole weekend was a success and out of over 7000 competitors many of our finest panthers made it onto the glistening stage.

Congratulations to Maria G, Sarah B, and Manbir G. who placed top 15 in their categories. A dignified handshake goes out to Alycia B. and the dream team of Amanda H, Tanisha T., and Evelyn C. who placed 9th overall in their events! Also, our very own DECA chapter president - Bhuvna D. - will be heading to ICDC in Anaheim this year, placing 6th overall in her written category.

These amazing panthers are an inspiration to us all, but they weren’t always DECA legends. Perhaps they joined DECA for the cute clothes, great Instagram pictures (do it for the gram!) or the shopping opportunities. But these future business moguls have made Glenview proud. Although they are putting away their padfolios and retiring their pantsuits, DECA 2K18 will be here before you know it. If you are interested in chasing business glory or having a shopping-filled weekend, sign up next year with Mr. Kirkby in the business hall!  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to Survive Exams 101

  • PLAY WITH PUPPIES! Wear pyjamas and head to SAC this Friday for instant stress relief with your favourite furry friends
  • Think positively
  • Don’t try to cram - space out your study times and include plenty of short breaks
  • Drink lots of water - not only does it flush out all of the nasty toxins in your produced from those stress-eating binges, but it keeps your mind sharp and focused on the task at hand.
  • Eat right
    • Granola bars like Nature Valley, or if you need protein and some energy, try the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut or Peanut Butter Clif Bar
    • Lotsa fruit, try making a smoothie!
    • Reward yourself with some chocolate or chips, but don’t have them nearby when you’re cramming (stress eating is a monster). Try having apple slices with peanut butter, crackers, or pretzels nearby - healthier stress-eating options!
    • Pasta! Just like before a race, load up on healthy carbs a few days before exams to help you power through and ace them all!
  • Listen to the right kind of music
    • Music that you know you will jam out to with your pencil is probably not a good study soundtrack - you’ll get OFF track really easily
    • Instead, try something less catchy, something that you can zone out to. We recommend on Spotify:
      • Indie Pop Chillout
    • And on Apple Music:
      • The Quiet Library Mix
    • Or even if you can find some solid classical music! It may not be trap, rap, or alternative, but it does improve your brain and it’s super good for studying!
    • Come on out to Fitness Club run by Ms. Caplin next Tuesday for the last one before exams. The workouts are awesome, and they are sure to make you forget about chem, math or physics for 45 minutes.
    • Try some workouts in your room, like this or this or go for a quick jog to release your tense muscles that have been crouching over your desk for hours on end.
    • A good morning or night stress reliever is yoga! Moksha Yoga in downtown Cambridge is offering FREE yoga on Saturdays in January, or you can do this or this at home.
  • Make sure you get lots of sleep. Your brain won’t remember anything that you studied the night before if you didn’t get sufficient sleep. Ms. Ireland always tells her students to put the books down at 9 o’clock - she says that your brain won’t absorb any information past then anyways. It’s better to relax, read a book, watch a TV show, and sleep!
  • Adult colouring books are available in the library, as well as some puzzles, to take your mind off of the pressure
  • Make a To-Do list, and during those weekends or days off of exams, plan out your entire day. Not only will you feel like a boss, you will get way more work done! Just remember to allocate study breaks every hour and a half or so.
  • Take a bath - no, we aren’t trying to insult your hygiene, we just mean to say that somehow, the sensation of submerging yourself in warm water instantly makes you feel like a million bucks.
  • Take a hike - Again, we mean this as nicely as possible. Try spending a study break outside - either take your dog for a walk, or your cat or just yourself!
  • Lots of sleep (ESPECIALLY THE NIGHT BEFORE!) - We get it, procrastination is every high school student’s favourite thing to do. But seriously, cramming the night before helps no one. Ms. Ireland always tells her students that any studying you do after 9pm is pointless. Sleep is the most important part of your pre-exam ritual!
  • Advice from a recent Glenview graduate, who is already experienced in the stress of university exams - “go to a different place than where you usually study. If you study in your room, where you also relax, you are going to get comfortable and get distracted from your work. Instead of studying where you will relax, go somewhere like a library or a coffee shop to get your work done. The atmosphere in those places will subconsciously make you feel more productive, and allow you to get more work done”.

Good luck on all of your exams, Panthers!! You’ll crush it.